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#fortheloveoftype | voyage | The Native New Yawker

voyage | vintage script | purchase – $32.50 (3 fonts)

voyage is a smooth and friendly vintage script family of two weights and ornament sets. voyage is packed with alternate characters and OpenType features to allow you create customized headlines. i don’t tend to really use script typefaces that often, usually only for logos or more poster type elements. i discovered this typeface literally last night and wanted to share. definitely will keep this on standby for a client looking for something with a vintage fun feel.

#fortheloveoftype | voyage | The Native New Yawker

fab friday finds | 05 | The Native New Yawker

summer is basically over. college students are already spending nights in the library. the new york schools are getting ready to open back up for the year. for me labor day weekend really brings my summer to an end. i’m already looking forward to my favorite fall shows to return. i figured this week i’d look for products on that would help me transition into the fall. although i’m looking to move sometime next year i’m still looking for cool things to throw around the house to switch up the look from the summer. fall for me is all about less nights out, and more nights in with bottles of wine and great food.

1. mandible skull candle black, $52 2. duo herb pot, $35.95 3. lemon & ginger syrup 3 pack, $35 **great for making cocktails, heyy! 4. diamond DOF clear 6 pack, $11 5. herschel supply co. novel woodland chevron, $79.99 6. bar tool set, $29 7. modernist cuisine at home cookbook, $125 8. expandable 3-tier cork shelf, $21 9. vintage bar set, $56 10. mullan cabinet white, $795

interior envy | modern sophisticated villa

interior envy | modern sophisticated villa

if you make you way down the sunset strip in west hollywood, california you may just come across this beautiful villa designed by belzberg architects. enclosed off to the public by grand gates this resort-like sanctuary consist of three distinct structures –a main residence, a wellness center and of course, a guest house. i’ve fallen in love with the modern architecture and the openness of all the rooms. although i’m unsure if i myself would live in a house that’s composed mostly of glass, i really love how much light it allows through the entire place. oh, and that shower.. to die for.

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The Blog Critique #05: Increasing Page Views

the blog critique | 05 | The Native New Yawker

awwwww yeaaa, it’s thursday! thursdays mean it’s blog critique time! we are already into the fifth blog critique. i’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the critiques! once again, if you have a blogger friend interested in seeing how they can aesthetically turn their blog’s design up, send them my way. but let’s jump into today’s critique!
style + beauty blog

natasha has been blogging about style — whether it’s her own or some other awesome fashionistas for going on 2 years now. the design of her blog has pretty much been the same since launching may of 2011. as of lately she’s been getting her pageviews up but it’s still not where she thinks it should be at this point. she submitted her blog for critique because she was unsure if it’s the design or content that’s not getting her the pageviews to what she’s looking for. well, natasha.. you’ve come to the right place.

the good

you’ve done a good job with keeping everything simple and functional. when i first arrive on your blog, i’m able to locate all your social media links, as well as find specific topics of what i’m looking for within your navigation bar. love how you broke down the categories within the style section. makes it even easier for someone to specific things, such as all your shoe post! i’m always telling bloggers to make sure your pictures are the same size as your content width, it looks like you’ve got that going on. so kudos!

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wanderlust | cape town, south africa | The Native New Yawker

wanderlust | cape town, south africa

wanderlust: cape town, south africa | The Native New Yawker

september is a few days away. most college students have moved back into their dorms. some kids have already started school. ugh, summer is officially over. just because the warm weather is leaving new york, it doesn’t mean i can’t at least dream about it.

today we are going to make our way over to cape town, south africa to the discrete and elegant POD boutique hotel. the hotel is conveniently positioned so that all of its 15 rooms have extensive views over one or two of the following landmarks: camps bay beach, table mountain, lions head or the 12 apostles. each room is defined by an open space layout, with a color palette deriving from materials such as slate, timber and granite. surprisingly, the rates for the POD boutique hotel are reasonable ranging anywhere from $230-$793 a night. not bad. not bad all all.

this is would definitely be a nice fall trip for just the mister + i since we both haven’t been to africa yet. and apparently during the months of october and november there are wonderful flowers blooming, the beaches are relatively empty and hotels give some the best deals of the season. as you can see from above, as a lover of prints i would go HAM when traveling to africa. i’d make sure to pack mostly beautiful prints as well as african inspired jewelry.

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