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submit your blog for a design critique

Design Critique

earlier this week, i wrote about some common design mistakes bloggers make. the post received some great feedback + there were a lot of great discussions happening within the comments. since the post went up on monday, i’ve had a quite few people ask me if i could take a look at their blogs + give them a critique. that’s when the idea hit me.. why not start a blog critique series on the blog?

so here’s what’s going to happen.. every thursday, i will pick one blog to critique. critiques will include discussing any design flaws, as well as technical issues, such as not having all proper contact information above fold or having a confusion navigation. after pointing out some of the flaws, i will give suggestions, list resources + give the blogger some ‘homework’ to do in order to bring their blog up a notch.

because in my head, i’m like.. the fake gordon ramsay of the design world..

i’d love to check up on some of the blogs critiqued + do a revisit post where we see if after having their blog critiqued help with their traffic, views or whatever problems they may have been dealing with before. sounds cool right? would you like to get in on this?

how to submit your blog for a design critique:

send an email to with your name, blog URL, category of your blog, how long you’ve been blogging + why you feel your blog is in need of a critique.

it’s that simple. i will pick a new blog to critique on sundays + send a reply email to the blogger letting them know they can expect a post for the upcoming week. i will also try to schedule some critiques in advanced, so you may get an email from me letting you know which thursday your critique will go up. if i’m noticing there are more blogs coming in, i may do two critiques a week. but for the time being, i’d like to focus on one blog at a time. it’s like art school all over.

is this blog design critique something you think you’d be interested in?

BNTO canning jar | the native new yawker
BNTO canning jar | the native new yawker

i stumbled across these BNTO canning jars while on swissmiss this morning + had to share. i am already a big mason jar collector, as well as a big salad in jar practitioner, so of course i would love these BNTO canning jars from cuppow. pulling inspiration from japanese bento boxes, they created a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ. now you can build your salads + store the dressing at the time. the 6-ounce BNTO lunchbox adaptor can be used with a wide mouth mason jar (jar sold separately).

the thirty by 30 list

Thirty By 30

i turn 25 on august 12th.

i’ve been using this month to really reflect on where i’m currently at now in life, but most importantly where i’m trying to be. i first saw a thirty by 30 list on krystal of the fiesty house’s blog + then, one of my good blog friends elle started writing hers. their list both inspired me so i figured, i’m turning 25 soon.. why not set up some goals to accomplish by the time i hit 30. being a big sucker for lists, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with thirty things i wish to have done within the next five years.

thirty by 30 list

1. pay off all student loans + be completely debt free.
2. take two to three months off to backpack across the world.
3. buy a ‘fix-me-up’ house, lake house or cabin somewhere out the city + renovate it. preferably the catskill region.
4. learn another language by way of rosetta stone. starting with german.
5. buy my first two pairs of christian louboutins +/or louis vuitton bag. i want to be able to actually afford this lifestyle.
6. make at least six figure income, if not on my way to seven.
7. gracefully quit my job + never work for anyone else but myself again. with the exception of freelancing from time to time.
8. get more tattoos. more specifically my back + right arm done.
9. get another dog. this time a boy.
10. train + compete for some type of athletic competition, whether its american ninja, crossfit competitions or even just a triathlon.
11. teach a design based workshop around the world. starting with amurrica.
12. learn how to shoot a gun.
13. learn a mixed martial arts. preferably muy thai +/or krav maga.
14. throw a lavish dinner party for friends.
15. be a guest speaker at a blog +/or design conference.

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get that app: evernote


evernote is probably the best note-taking app out right now. it’s available for iphone, ipad, desktops + even android users can get in on this. it’s an easy-to-use app that helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. it allows you to take notes, capture pictures, create to-do list, clip articles from the web, record voice reminders, etc. you can find things fast since you’re able to search for things via keyword, tag or even printed + handwritten text inside images. to top it all off, the app is free. yes, you heard me. free. you have the option of signing up for a free account or premium.

with a premium account, you’re given a few more features such as your month uploads boosting to 1GB each month, or being able to collaborate on notes with other people. most will be just fine with the free version, but those interested in upgrading to premium it’s $45 per year or $5 a month.

how i use evernote:

i literally use evernote for everythang.

with evernote, you’re able to make notebooks upon notebooks upon notebooks. i have individual notebooks for both my blogs, + this one, a notebook for my For The Naturals event series, a ‘digital moleksine’ in which i’ll have random notes, ideas, sites that inspire + web clippings and of course, a recipe notebook. being both a moleskine + evernote feen, i also have the evernote moleskine in which i’ll write notes, take a picture + store them in my ‘digital moleskine’ notebook.

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Content Idea Generator

content idea generator |

when it comes to making catchy headlines, sometimes i’m on. most times, i’m off. i recently stumbled across this fun content idea generator that can help you come up with fun, catchy headlines. all you do is enter the subject you’re talking about + keep refreshing until you find something you like. next time you’ve finished writing that awesome article that just needs an amazing title, give this content idea generator a go.