Moodboard: Desert Oasis | The Native New Yawker

Earlier this month I decided to limit my design services to the food, retail and luxury hospitality industries. Since then I’ve been really trying to get my act together, but most importantly finalize my personal branding & new portfolio that I’ve been ‘working on’ for the last two years now. A majority of the work that is going into my new portfolio is self-initiated work that I plan on pitching to the companies once done.

This moodboard is for a complete rebranding project I’m pitching to a wonderful luxury hotel located in Canyon Point, Utah. This resort was designed to blend into its dramatic surroundings where deep canyons and towering plateaus create a remarkable landscape. I’m ditching my normal black & white aesthetic for a more calmer, peaceful palette of beiges, pinks and oranges. Currently, there’s a real disconnect with what the resort has to offer vs. how their actual branding speaks to their target consumer. With this rebrand project, the main objective is making the new brand feel as peaceful & tranquil as the resort is. Stay tuned.

Adidas Originals x FARM

Adidas Originals x FARM | The Native New Yawker

I’m not a big… fashion person.

For the last few months my wardrobe has consisted of black jeans, a black tee, black sweatshirt & of course, black boots. Everyday. I’ve turned into your typical New Yorker. The all black started with me mourning for the return of warm weather, and just stuck because it was convenient. But Spring is finally here, the weather is still being bi-polar, some days it’s nice, the next day it’s snowing… but the temperatures are slowly rising. With the return of Spring means the return of some colors to my wardrobe. And what does this girl love more than black? Prints. Whether it’s five panel hats or swimsuits, I live for prints. Now I’m not really an Adidas girl as it’s Nike all day over here. But this morning when I came across this collaboration that Adidas recently launched, I am definitely going to have to make an exception and add some pieces to my wardrobe.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup just weeks away, Adidas Original released their collaboration with local Brazilian brand, Farm for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. The collection makes use of colorful, tropical prints across a range of products including tank tops, shorts, jackets, trousers, as well as accessories in the form of bags and backpacks. The collection was released on April 1st and can now be purchased from the Adidas online shop.

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I Don’t Want To Design For Everyone

I Don't Want To Design For Everyone | The Native New Yawker

I’ve had almost every client under the sun—from your up and coming start-up to your well-established brands—for almost any type of design project you can think of. Branding, app design, blog design, package design… I’ve done it all.

For the last five years, not only did I get to see what fields of design I thoroughly loved, but I got a chance to see what types of clients I did and didn’t enjoy working with.

While I work with mostly fashion and beauty brands at work, there’s no telling who my next client can be or what industry they are apart of. One minute I could be finishing up a campaign for Roxy only to be thrown on designing the UI for a fashion game app a few days later. An although I don’t mind the new challenges of being a general designer that can take on any type of work, the more I’m getting into my profession the more I’m realizing that I only want to cater to a specific type of client in a specific industry.

Since my freelance time is limited due to my full-time job, I’ve been really trying to make sure that any projects I take from here on out are projects that I’m truly passionate about. It was time to narrow down my niche.

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The Blog Critique #13 | The Native New Yawker

The Blog Critique #13: Utilizing Social Media As An Artist With A Blog

Within the last week I got a lot of new blogs submitted to the critique, so I thank you all for helping me keep this series alive. With the increased amount of interest this series is getting, after much debate I decided that I will go through with offer blogging consultations outside this blog. I will get into more detail about that service at a later date, but just be advise that’s going down.

I read all the blog submissions and try to pick blogs that are dealing with new issues that haven’t really been addressed yet with these critiques. I took the time and renamed all the previous blog critiques, to make it easier for you to find common problems that all bloggers seem to be dealing with including promoting engagement, increasing page views, and building a credible brand within your niche/industry. I offered some lovely tips and techniques that you could apply to your own blogs and brands. If you’ve gone through all the posts and still have an issue that hasn’t been addressed, by all means.. please submit your blog for submission. Let’s move right along to today’s critique.
Illustration + Lifestyle Blog

Brooklyn based illustrator, Brittany Holloway-Brown, finally submitted her blog for critique after months of deliberation. Although she’s fairly ‘new’ to the blogging community, she’s had her blog for quite some time now. This year she made a resolution to put not only herself, but her art out there more and start networking with other fellow artists. Although she’s confident about her blog post imagery, she submitted her blog for a critique to get my advice on the overall design of her blog and most importantly, what she can do to increase her presence on social media as she feels her skills are lacking. Well Brittany, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Blog Action Planner: Keeping Your Blog Organized In 2014

2014 Blog Action Planner | The Native New Yawker

Three months into 2014 and I never got a chance to thank everyone who has supported The 2014 Blog Action Planner thus far. So far the planner has worked its way into the hands of 140+ bloggers and our Google+ Community, Blogging Better, is growing with 60+ members. Although I haven’t gotten to blog as much as I wanted to so far this year, I’m glad to know that this planner is helping bloggers of all experience levels get more organized and have a better focus on their blogging goals.

Bloggers are genuinely enjoying the blog planner, here’s what a few of them have to say:

I love how much this has helped me with organizing all of my ideas for posts, my additional website ideas, and helping me expand and grow my site with the helpful links and plugins mentioned each month. Also, the Google+ community is amazing and a fantastic idea to accompany a fantastic book. I highly recommend it for new, intermediate, and even advanced bloggers!
Jade Ivory

I was shocked when Laura said it’d be 270 pages with resources and for $12! As a person who loves to plan, and strategize I was excited for this planner after she dropped the mini content planner back in Nov I believe. I love the aesthetic, I too had Laura’s problem with googling and searching pinterest for 1) viable content planners that made sense and 2) weren’t neon bright, flowery or princess-ey. My last editorial calendar was made by me in Excel and was bare bones. It was more a schedule than a planner. The Blog Action planner is perfect. This planner is so good b/c this year I know I won’t be blogging seriously as much as I did last year due to a career change but just reading January’s tasks it’s still very useful to me and I can definitely apply it to my more casual blogs.
Alex B.

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